Art, to me, asks questions, but sometimes gives me glimpses into answers. I have always had a longing and deep attraction to art because it pulls me into the worlds and ideas I lack knowledge of. And whether I am observing or creating, I rush to fully submerge myself i...

oh, my self-portrait

nowhere near its completion

the paint's not yet dried.


the sun warms the eucalyptus and the scent of its fallen bark is like un-sugared perfume.

it’s rust and foggy.

these days, I want to be wrapped in linen.

no matter the wrinkles it gives in. 

each crease like a trophy from the day’s triumphs.

nightfall in autumn, the mo...

It is difficult to recreate how we feel about things or why/ how we feel about things (this is the simplest way I can describe this idea): That feeling when you accidentally bump into someone you are secretly in love with, or when you hear a perfect set of lyrics in a...

Here's a playlist of beautiful songs entitled, "Open Shutters; Morning Light."

pls enjoy <3


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