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an idea.

It is difficult to recreate how we feel about things or why/ how we feel about things (this is the simplest way I can describe this idea): That feeling when you accidentally bump into someone you are secretly in love with, or when you hear a perfect set of lyrics in a song that speak to you, or when you happen to be driving at the right time when the sun turns everything orange. There are also those feelings of when you hear a song that reminisces of a bad time, or when you are somewhere you don't want to be, or when you watch a scene in a film that causes you to reconsider some decisions you've made.

Different items or ideas or words or places or sounds can cause us to feel, but we cannot expect what we will feel. This is difficult in many ways, but exciting in some. Maybe we find love in a song, saddness in a film, comfort in a car, recognition in a sunset, but these feelings cannot be forced, they are spontaneous.

I try to articulate feeling simply through creating; it is the closest route to understand how I feel about something. Like film scores, different chords, melodies, instruments, and arrangements are associated to different scenes based on the "feeling" of the scene- a love scene, a murder scene, an adventurous scene, a sad scene. We can associate a feeling with a scene in a film with music.

I look for this kind of connection to feeling in most of the music I tune into. I want to play the music I would want in the film to reflect way I feel. This music makes me feel recognized and rooted.


Addressing feeling in art is so important to me as a creative. I have to opportunity to better understand how I feel about certain things through doing cool art projects.

Below, I attached a 3 minute clip of a song I made called "drive home," with a video clip of a looped drive I filmed a couple of years ago. I put a lot of work and detail in editing the song, but... I want you, the viewer, to watch and listen and to sit with this song to see how it makes you feel. It's not a glamorous song, there are no lyrics/ singing, it's not meant for overdoing, it's meant for sitting with- you and the song (in the car, in your room, on a walk, idk). It's a song from a film about you- what do you picture in your scene while this song is playing? Can you feel that scene?

This is only an idea. I have been toiling with for quite some time and I thought why not share it.

IF YOU WANT TO, pleaseeeee email me at and SEND ME A SUMMARY OF WHAT YOU FELT WHILE LISTENING TO THIS SONG. It would seriously make me so happy.

Enjoy, N.

"drive home"

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