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Art: Bigger Than I

Art, to me, asks questions, but sometimes gives me glimpses into answers. I have always had a longing and deep attraction to art because it pulls me into the worlds and ideas I lack knowledge of. And whether I am observing or creating, I rush to fully submerge myself into the vivid worlds and/ or ideas I am questioning-- those I am drawn to. But it is the why I crave: why something is emotionally impactful, why something is simple, why something is beautiful. I try to figure these out within the art. I have understood that art is bigger than I; it is more powerful and a visual of a "knowing" of something. Art is like a nudge from God, telling me things I might never understand why I am being told them as I walk the course my life. But I believe art to be a pursuit of sorts. That longing I mentioned. A shot at freedom and the taste of true bliss when finally understanding something-- actually "getting it." Is it love? Or absolute happiness? I will most likely never know, but it surely is something beyond me to figure out. Whatever that something may be, it is something that changes its shape. It is powerful. It moves. It is good. It sparks an overwhelming burst of inspiration and emotion in those, or perhaps all who feel it.

And I chase it as fast as I can in my mind and in the Art.


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