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The Curious Confectionery Magazine

The Curious Confectionery magazine is a “how-to”

dessert magazine for the curious baker. This magazine

contains recipes, baking techniques, and facts about

elegant desserts while using a child-like and vintage

approach to modern design. Inspired by vintage (1920s-70s) cookbooks, advertisements, and ephemera, The Curious Confectionery displays a variety of design techniques.This magazine uses a symmetrical and central grid system expressed throughout the magazine to create elegance and balance between different design elements.


A variety of script, serif, and slab serif fonts are used throughout the magazine to relate to the whimsical nature of the imagery and content as well as referencing the typography seen in vintage cookbooks 

and advertisements. Illustrations, photographs, and vintage ephemera are used throughout the magazine and refer to vintage imagery of foods and desserts; each image was intentionally created and edited to have a retro look and feel.

*academic project

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