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Created a series of illustrations used for Alix Page Goose cover artwork and EP release. Filmed and animated visualizer for song "Automatic" off of Goose EP. Released through Better Days / AWAL Records 2023.

Cassette Box Set, Little Blue Star

The Curious Confectionery Magazine

Chloe Gallardo Defamator Album
Design + Creative Direction


Music by Chloe Gallardo

Vinyl, CD, t-shirt graphics, and poster.



Cassette Box Set Package Design 

The cassette box set package consists of a box, two cassettes, a lyric booklet, and a poster designed for a made-up musical artist, Little Blue Star. This set is designed for a potential EP release for this artist entitled Dead House. The design of each item relates to the name of the artist and EP, pulling from their names and the songs on the EP, as well as the genre of this artist, being moody, dream-like alternative rock.