Alix Page Tour Photography

Concert and behind the scenes photographer for Alix Page opening for Gracie Abrams on "This Is What It Feels Like" North America Tour.


Radiohead Concert Poster

 “Radiohead Concert Poster” is a digitally illustrated poster inspired by English rock band, Radiohead. The color and design choices were about Radiohead’s album artworks and music style. Oddly paired colors are contrasted with the repetition of spirals, organic and geometric shapes, and brush textures to reflect Radiohead’s hypnotic and electrifying music. Hand-drawn letters reading “Radiohead” headlining the poster reflect the mix-matched, energetic feeling of the illustration.


"How to Get Rid of the Monsters Under Your Bed” Animation

“How to Get Rid of the Monsters Under Your Bed‘’ is an animated public service announcement (PSA) with a more child-like approach: how to prevent monsters from hiding under your bed. This PSA shares the specific items and steps the viewer needs to take in order to prevent the monsters. The design, animation style, and typographic expression are referenced to cartoons drawn by children: scribbled and simple. The color palette is limited and muted to evoke the idea of night and the soft colors given off by nightlights. 

The Curious Confectionery Magazine 

The Curious Confectionery magazine is a “how-to” dessert magazine for the curious baker. This magazine contains recipes, baking techniques, and facts about elegant desserts while using a child-like and vintage approach to modern design. Inspired by vintage (1920s-70s) cookbooks, advertisements, and ephemera, The Curious Confectionery displays a variety of design techniques. Illustrations, photographs, vintage ephemera and a variety of script, serif, and slab serif fonts are used throughout the magazine and refer to vintage imagery of foods and desserts; each image was intentionally created and edited to have a retro look and feel.


Circus Panorama 

This illustration entitled “Circus Panorama” was entirely created with a digital canvas. The colors, textures, and compositional layout was inspired by American folk art of the 1920s as well as 16th-century artist, Pieter Bruegel. The illustration depicts a storyline of entering and exploring the chaotic world that is a circus.