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Alix Page Tour Photography

Concert and behind the scenes photographer for Alix Page opening for Gracie Abrams on "This Is What It Feels Like" North America Tour.


Cassette Box Set Package Design 

 The cassette box set package consists of a box, two cassettes, a lyric booklet, and a poster designed for a made-up musical artist, Little Blue Star. This set is designed for a potential EP release for this artist entitled Dead House. The design of each item relates to the name of the artist and EP, pulling from their names and the songs on the EP, as well as the genre of this artist, being moody, dream-like alternative rock. 


Creative Direction for Juniper Park EP Release, Poster Child 

Photography and videography for Juniper Park EP release. Content including vlogs, promotional reels, and band photographs. Assisted and co-directed by Aubrey Dela Cruz.


Illustrated Series for Daniel Leggs

Illustrated series of single covers for Daniel Leggs. Additional direction by

Mckenzie Amento and Max Angles, released through Atlantic Records.